Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hermione in the chair

Hermione Lee has been appointed chairmanwomanperson of the judges for the Man Booker Prize 2006.

She is possibly the youngest ever chairmanwomanperson as she won't be celebrating her 16th birthday until February 29th, 2008, according to Wikipedia (so it must be true). She knows the ropes though, having previously been a judge in 1981:

"When I was one of the judges of the Booker Prize 25 years ago, it was a great excitement to award it to a dazzling, little-known writer, Salman Rushdie," she told the Torygraph. While according to the Times she also thinks it would be better if the judges read the books without knowing who the authors are - quite right too!

Top marks to Perry Middlemiss, whose list of possibles for the shortlist is up already. More books I haven't read yet! Add to My MSN Add to My Yahoo! Add to Google - Get paid to have your say


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